Kaprang Provides each Fashion Brand with an E-Shop in the name of the Brand on its Platform . This gives each Brand Visibility, Recognition and Access to global audience . Moreover this service is free of cost . Kaprang does not charge any subscription fee for this service. Please see additional amazing services that Kaprang provides/offers to all the brands on its Platform.

E Commerce Shoot

A product-only image is the best choice to showcase all angles of your product in the best light. It highlights your products against a background that’s white in most cases.
Using only one-color background keeps the store look consistent while emphasizing different item colors and styles. In addition, the white background is the best choice to reduce distractions to display your products.

Studio Shoot



• Model

• Make-Up

• Photography

• Art Direction

• Styling

• Production

* Nominal and unbeatable prices depending on the type of your product line.




Campaign Shoots

Campaign / In-context Shoots/images are  the most popular choice if you want to interest customers with real-life applications of your Products, 

For example, you can showcase your luxury summer collections with models lying on the beach, surrounded by high-end accessories. In addition, you can upsell by showing how your products can complement one another.
You can showcase a wedding scenario to show your new Bridal Collection.





Art Direction



Food & Drinks


1. Silver Rs. 6,500 (Minimum Number of Dresses =10 Articles) per outfit 

Location and props cost as per Fashion Brand requirement.

3-4 silver category model options will be shared with client.


2. Golden Rs. 12,000  (Minimum Number of Dresses =10 Articles) per outfit

Location and props cost as per Fashion Brand requirement.

3-4 golden category model options will be shared with client.


3. Platinum Rs. 16,000 (Minimum Number of Dresses =10 Articles) per outfit

Location and props cost as Fashion Brand requirement.

3-4 platinum category model options will be shared with client.


4. Diamond customised plan

Everything can be customised as per client requirement.



We ensure top notch quality in all categories of our services. Everything is supervised by the same team of highly experienced individuals who work with us in-house and on a freelance basis.  



The categories are divided on the basis of the size of production, as well as the availability and seniority of make up artist, model, photographer, stylist, art director.



Cut, Make, and Trim production is where an apparel factory takes your designs and produces them following three stages. ‘Cut,’ where the material is cut to your pattern, and made ready to sew, ‘Make,’ where the garments are sewn together and created, and ‘Trim,’ where the garments are finished, any threads and small imperfections are removed and final Quality Check and packing occurs.




Our Cut,Make,Trim facility (Stitching Facility) ensures that making is possible for new comers in the market, especially those who cannot manage to do field work. 


Some benefits you can avail by opting for this facility include:

- No need to visit markets and workers 

- We source material for you

- We supervise the production process

- Uniformity in all your products across different sizes and designs

- Higher customer satisfaction due to prompt deliveries and quality

- Maintenance of a quality standard 


Besides, relatively established brands can also outsource this facility to our team and focus on other elements of their business such as design work.


Website Advertisment Services

To compete with other Vendors and increase visibility to global audiences we provide services that can bring brands in the forefront of the website into the spotlight so that the brand may recieve an ever more increase in sales and recoginition.
Service Name Price
Front banner for per placement per week Rs 5,000
Categories pages banner per placement per week Rs 4,000
Editors Pick per placement per week Rs 3,000
Service Name Price
Pinned Posts Facebook and Instagram per week Rs 5,000
Stories Facebook and Instagram 14 per week Rs 4,000
Posts Facebook and Instagram 7 per week Rs 3,000
Campaign : 20 stories + 10Posts , + Website banners + Pkr 20,000 for Social Media boosting/Sponsored Posts Rs 35,000